Photos With Our Amazing Clients

Robby and I are fortunate enough to have the most AMAZING clients that not only understand our Narcolepsy, but embrace it. Take a look at some pictures taken with our Satisfied Clients. 

Robby with our clients, Amy and Scott Donahue, at their house warming party. There's nothing more rewarding than finding a great family a perfectly fitting home and finding life long friends during the process.

Daron and Itzel White closing on their New Home in Wimberley. After showing them properties in 4 different cities and narrowing down potential areas, we were able to locate a home in Wimberley matching all of their search criteria.    

Blanca Hurt opening the door of her New Home for the first time. We love  seeing the excitement on our clients faces as they open the door to a new chapter of their life. 

Debbie Amos and Family after closing
on a property for their son at Park North
Condos. A great condo for a Texas State
 University student! 

Wesley and Martha Doss outside of Corridor Title Company after closing on their Beautiful Ranch Home in the heart of the Hill Country. 

Kortney Gerstner at the San Marcos Title Company signing the final documents before receiving the keys to her Brand New Home in Blanco River Village

From 3Z Realty
Robby and I on the river with our client and good friend Cory Peterson. We sold Cory a home in Blanco River Village and our friendship has grown after many trips to the Blanco River right here in our neighborhood. 

Brief Story Behind 3Z's Name and Logo

3Z Realty Logo
3Z's Name and Logo

After experimenting with a few different companies printing our signs, this week we finally got our real estate signs to look EXACTLY the way we envisioned from the start. Our signs look amazing thanks to John Diaz with Sign Arts, a local printing company.  

The person that deserves the most acknowledgment is my big brother Andrew Scruton
Andrew designed our logo, which portrays the unique and modern image we desired for our company. I can't explain how PROUD I am when I drive around San Marcos and see our logo in front of the properties we have listed. 

Katy Scruton- 3Z Realtty For Sale SignRobby Roden- 3Z Realty For Sale Sign

While putting out our signs earlier this afternoon we had quite a few people stop and ask about the company name. I love that every time someone inquires about the company I have the opportunity to talk about the two things I am most PASSIONATE about, Real Estate and Sleep. I am able to raise Narcolepsy Awareness by explaining the humor behind the name 3Z or Zzz...  I was concerned that people would be hesitant to work with Narcoleptic Realtors, but people seem more interested than turned away. 

I'm extremely PROUD of the name 3Z Realty, not only because it is a perfectly fitting name for two Narcoleptic Realtors, but also due to the fact that it mirrors my father's company name, 3D Marine. I moved to America from England at a young age because my father, David Scruton, started his own maritime company with two other gentlemen also named David, hence the name 3D. We plan to model 3Z after 3D because my Dad and his partners have the most amazing and trustworthy staff that consistently work hard to improve their systems and achieve 100% client satisfaction. I can only hope that 3Z will one day be as successful as 3D.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We REALLY appreciate all of the support! 


Virtual Property Tours

3Z Realty Logo

A Successful Start for 3Z Realty 

Nathan Wright New Home 
Nathan Wright outside of his New Home

  It has been a successful start for 3Z Realty
  I helped two close friends of mine, Nathan
  and Morgan Wright, to close on their first
  home after three long months under 
  contract. They are now saving $13,200 
  a year that they were paying in rent, and  
  are enjoying all of the benefits of Home    
Robby Roden-Katy Scruton 3Z Realty For Sale Sign
Our first 3Z Realty Sign

We met an amazing couple that are now friends and clients of ours. We helped them to stage their property for sale and had the honors of putting up our first 3Z Realty For Sale Sign right here in our own subdivision, Blanco River Village. 

That makes 5 total listings for 3Z. You can check out the virtual tours of our properties by clicking the following links. 

We also hired on a new agent and started training him the 3Z ways. Zzz...

3Z Reality Becomes A Reality

3Z Realty Sales Leasing Investments Logo

3Z Realty becomes A Reality 

Three years ago, I walked into a local real estate office seeking assistance in purchasing a new home. That day I met my Realtor, future business partner, fellow narcoleptic, and soul mate- Robby Roden. Not only did Robby help me find my new home, which was coincidentally around the corner from his house; he helped me discover my passion for real estate.

At the time Robby and I met, he had been working in real estate for three years; and I got my first taste of the real estate industry after becoming Robby’s assistant in 2009. My struggles with narcolepsy had cost me several jobs over the years, but finally I had found a narcolepsy-friendly career. As a real estate agent, I could set my own hours and take my extremely needed naps throughout the day.

Therefore, I began the long hours of studying to obtain my own real estate license. In 2010, I received my license from the State of Texas and started working alongside Robby. At first, I focused on leasing rental properties and later moved to selling and listing properties.

Earlier on in our personal and business relationship, Robby and I began dreaming of one day opening our own real estate business. After a lot of work and dedication, especially for two narcoleptics, we are PROUD to announce that 3Z Realty is finally a reality.

Our goal is show the world that our disability does not hinder us from providing services above and beyond those of our competitors. In fact, suffering from narcolepsy motivates us to work harder.

A portion of our success in life is because we are fortunate enough to have access to the necessary narcolepsy medications. However, these medications are quite expensive and not all narcoleptics are fortunate enough to have the access to the necessary medications and treatments. Consequently, 3Z Realty will donate a portion of its income to non-profit organizations that focus on increasing awareness and research in the field of sleep disorders such as the Narcolepsy Network and Wake Up Narcolepsy.

3Z Realty specializes in Central Texas sales, leasing, and investments. From Austin to San Antonio and Fredericksburg to Bastrop, 3Z Realty uses cutting-edge technology to simplify every transaction. Whether you are a first time homebuyer or selling a million-dollar-home, we treat every client with the same dedication and respect that they desire and deserve. 3Z Realty strives to make every client a lifelong friend.

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Thank you for taking the time to read our story!