Buying a house with a REALTOR®

Many people think of  REALTORS® as "Used Car Salesmen" and would prefer to purchase property without using a REALTOR®. Here are some IMPORTANT FACTS to keep in mind when searching for properties on your own. 


  • Sellers generally pay all REALTOR® fees, which means NO COST to you as a Buyer. 
  • The Agent that has the property listed For Sale represents the Seller and generally will not provide you information that could hinder the sale of that particular property. Using your own agent means an HONEST OPINION on different areas and properties of interest. 

  • Your Agent will NEGOTIATE the best deal possible on your behalf (even at new home subdivisions). 

  • Instead of wasting time calling the numbers on for sale signs in front of properties of interest, your agent can show you ANY property for sale regardless of which company or agent has that property listed.

  • ONLY Licensed Agents can use Promulgated Real Estate CONTRACTS.

  •  INSTANT NOTIFICATION of new properties matching your search criteria.

        - When a home is listed for sale it WILL NOT show up on Zillow,
          Trulia, Home Hub and other Home Search Websites for up to 4 days. 
          These websites often have outdated info and you have to be careful of Scams!
  • Access to LOCAL MLSDatabase with updated information on properties for sale.

  • STEP BY STEP GUIDANCE throughout the ENTIRE Purchase Process.

  • Professional input on Home Features that may INCREASE/DECREASE value and affect RESALE POTENTIAL. 

  • LOCAL MARKET KNOWLEDGE: Current Resale Prices, Average Market Value, Depreciation/ Appreciation, Crime Rates, etc.

  •  Knowledge of NEW HOME SUBDIVISIONS  and homes that CAN NOT be found searching online.

  • Information on INCENTIVES  you may qualify for: CLOSING COSTS PAIDZERO DOWN, etc. 

  • Access to FORECLOSURES and Real Estate Owned (REO) Properties.
  • PROFESSIONAL REFERRALS for all of your REAL ESTATE NEEDS: Mortgage Brokers, Inspectors, Repairmen, Quotes, Insurance, etc.
  • The majority of REALTORS® specialize in a LARGE AREA and can show you properties for sale in nearby cities of interest. 
  • Using one REALTOR® to purchase a home means getting to know each other , which not only assists the agent in finding properties that meet your personal and lifestyle needs, but often leads to a more ENJOYABLE home buying experience. 

What are your experiences with using a  REALTOR®?